Lee Shiney is an Iowa artist, working in abstract painting, kinetic sculpture, and mixed media. 

“I draw from life and work experience, combined with perseverance and luck. Science is probably more interesting to me than art. In 2001, I became a cancer survivor, and if you think that cancer would sharpen one’s focus, you would be correct.

I believe that the divergent-type of thinking involved in the creative process is acutely related to an accurate observation of physical properties. Think of it as another way of phrasing ‘really seeing what is there.’ I like to start with the basic physical properties of an object, or a medium, or an idea, and rework it and push the boundaries. Ultimately I am part engineer as well as artist.”

He has shown in numerous solo and group shows in the Wichita, KS and Kansas City areas, from “Home Shows” in his residence, to a three-year, three-person exhibition of kinetic and interactive art at the Wichita Art Museum. Previously a lifelong Kansan, in 2014 he permanently moved with his Iowa-born wife to a decommissioned school building in Arcadia, IA.