Lee Shiney is an abstract painter, kinetic sculptor, and mixed media artist. He has participated in numerous solo and group art exhibitions, mostly in the Wichita, KS and Kansas City areas. Formerly a lifelong Kansan, he and his Iowa-born wife moved permanently in 2016 to a 1960s-era school building in Arcadia, Iowa where he makes art full-time.

“You might think that cancer would sharpen one’s focus on life, work, and passion, and you would be correct.

“I believe that the divergent-type of thinking involved in the creative process is acutely related to an accurate observation of physical properties. I start with those basic properties of an object, or a medium, or an idea, and rework and push the boundaries. Ultimately, I am part engineer as well as artist.”


  • “InterACTIVE”, a kinetic sculpture and painting exhibition at the Wichita Art Museum (with Kansas artists Christopher Gulick and Tom McGuire), Spring 2008 through Spring 2010, Wichita, Kansas.


  • 1st Place, Manning Masterpiece Art Fair, Manning IA, May 2023
  • ArtAid12 Buddy Greenburg Acrylic and Oil Painting Patron Award, 2005, Wichita, Kansas.


  • The Gallery at Pioneer Bluffs, Matfield Green, KS
  • The Gallery at ARTWORKS , Wichita, KS

Charities, Causes, Donations, Workshops

Hawkeye 10 High School Art Fair, Art and Engineering presentations, Atlantic, IA, May 2023
Create for the Cure, benefit for Victory in the Valley, Oct. 2012, Wichita, Kansas.
  • Board of Directors, Sing It Out, Inc., 2010–2013, Wichita, Kansas.
  • The Independent School arts program benefit, 2012, Wichita, Kansas.
  • Art for Arthritis, a yearly benefit for the Kansas Arthritis Foundation, Wichita, Kansas: 2010–2013
  • Digital Media and Interactive 3D Advisory Board, Butler Community College, El Dorado, Kansas: 2010–2011
  • Arts Partners participating artist, Wichita, Kansas, 2010–2013
  • ArtAID, Wichita KS: 2005–2012
  • Art4Life, Wichita KS: 2011
  • Red Chair Affair benefit for the Orpheum Theatre, Wichita, Kansas: 2009, 2010
  • Reds, Whites and Tasty Bites, benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Wichita, Kansas: 2009, 2010
Career Day, Val Jackson Elementary, Wichita, Kansas: 2008–2012
  • Wichita Center for the Arts Annual Art Auction, Wichita, Kansas: 2008
  • ALS Benefit featured artist, Postcard Planet, Wichita, Kansas: 2008
Youthville Chalk Art Festival, Newton, Kansas: 2008, 2012
Owner, Lee Shiney Gallery, Wichita, Kansas: 2000-2002
Editor/Publisher, Teachnet.com: 1995-present


  • Review Magazine, Winter 2009 “The Velvet Rope No More” by Joanna Ramondetta, a review of “InterACTIVE” at the Wichita Art Museum, Wichita KS.
  • ArtKC365, “Maintaining the Soft Machine: Lee Shiney at Urbana Modern Furniture Studio”, art review (out of print)
Artstew Magazine – Issue 7
Proteus Magazine Online, Issue 6
  • Naked City Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, Dec. 2007
  • Wichita City Paper, February 2007
  • Art & Antiques Magazine, “Automatic Artwork”, September 2005
Lee Shiney at Chalk Art Fest, Wichita KS 2012

Solo Exhibitions

  •  105 Horizons , The Gallery at ARTWORKS, Wichita, KS
  •  Grounding , 5.4.7 Arts Center, Greensburg, KS
  •  Taut , July 2012, OfficePort KC, Kansas City, MO
  •  Kansas, Abstracted , July 2012, The Merc, Lawrence KS
  • The HOME SHOW II, June 2012, Kechi, KS
  • The  Stop Light Gallery, Wichita KS
  • The HOME SHOW, Oct. 2011, Kechi, KS
Chez Elle, May 2011, Kansas City, MO
The Labor Party, Apr. 2011-current, Wichita KS
Ars Ex Machina, Jan.-Feb. 2011, Steckline Gallery, Newman University, Wichita KS
Horizon – August 2010, Watermark Books, Wichita KS
Old News – Mar. 2010, Art of Healing, Wichita KS
  • Water Place Explore – June 2009, Exploration Place, Wichita KS
  • Colloid – April 2009, Pachamamas, Lawrence KS
Guilt 2 – Sep. 2007, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Wichita KS
  • Sofa Size – 2006, Commerce Gallery, Wichita KS
Guilt – 2005, Winds of Change Gallery, Wichita KS
Stop (Beating the Dead Horse) – 2005, Linesight Gallery, Wichita KS
  • Detritus – 2003, Firehouse Art Gallery, Wichita KS

Group Exhibitions

  • Manning Masterpiece Art Fair, Manning IA, May 2023
  • Southwest Iowa Art TourThe Charles E. and Florence M. Lakin Community Center, Malvern IA, Sept. 2022
  • 2 Artists 2 Weekends, Brick Wall Gallery, Harlan IA, Oct. 2021
  • Southwest Iowa Art TourThe Charles E. and Florence M. Lakin Community Center, Malvern IA, Sept. 2021
  • Fusion (with Susan de Wit), Exploration Place, Oct. 2012, Wichita KS
  • Secret Identity, Tangent Lab, Oct. 2012, Wichita, KS
  • Chalk Art, featured artist, Aug. 2012, Wichita, KS
  • 2 Wheels Cheap Thrills, July, 2012, Go-Away Garage Gallery, Wichita KS
  •  Transcribed Natures , May 2012, Wichita KS
  • Art for Arthritis Mentor Artists Show, April 2012, Vintera Gallery, Wichita KS
  • The Bomb Shelter #2, Nov. 2011, Wichita KS
Single Serving, May 2011, Tangent Lab, Wichita KS
  • Show #1 at the Bomb Shelter, May 2011, Wichita KS
  • Substance of Medium, Sept. 2010, Tangent Lab, Wichita KS
  • Group show with Elly Fitzig and Travis Hinnen, Jones Gallery, Mar. 2010, Wichita KS
  • Urbana Furniture Studio, Sept. 2009, Kansas City, MO
rEvolve: presented by Hack.Art.Lab at Diver Studio, Nov. 2008, Wichita KS
  • The Donut Whole, Nov. 2008, Wichita KS
ArtAid 15, Oct. 2008, Cotillion, Wichita KS
  • Robot Show, Commerce Gallery, Oct. 2008, Wichita KS
ALS Benefit, Featured Artist, Oct. 2008, Wichita KS
Dumpster Diving, Aug. 2008, CityArts, Wichita KS
Chalk Art Festival – June 2008, Newton KS
Salon des Refusés – May 2008, Commerce Gallery and Redline Gallery at Lawrence Photo, Wichita KS
ArtAid14, Oct. 2007, Cotillion, Wichita KS.
2007 Arts Council Annual Juried Art Exhibit at CityArts – Oct. 2007, CityArts, Wichita KS
  • The Geographical Center of a Shrinking Planet: Local Artists in the Global Age – March 2007, Erman B. White Gallery, Butler County Community College, Eldorado KS
Mixed Media Mixed Message – March 2007, Gallery 414, Wichita KS
Free (with Chris Frank) – Feb. 2007, Tangent Lab, Wichita KS
  • Art Olio – Feb. 2007, Gallery PBH, Wichita KS
Leftovers Again – 2006, Tangent Lab, Wichita KS
  • ArtAid13, Oct. 2006, Cotillion, Wichita KS.
  • KC Ad Club Benefit Auction – 2006, Kansas City MO
Plane Crazy – 2006, CityArts, Wichita KS
  • Honey I Love You…But it is time for you to go – 2006, Lawrence Photo, Wichita KS
Semi-Automatic (with Jim Phillips) – 2005, Firehouse Art Gallery, Wichita KS
Some-Art Sem-Antics (collaboration with Kenneth Boe Petersen) – 2005, Newman University, Wichita KS
  • Modernism: Abstract, Non-Objective and Mid-Century Influence – 2005, Commerce Gallery, Wichita KS
ICT Invention and Contraption Convention – 2005, The Go Away Garage, Wichita KS
  • Move (with Christopher Gulick) – 2004, The Farm, Kansas City MO
  • War Against Visual Pollution – 2004, Firehouse Art Gallery, Wichita KS
Some-Art Sem-Antics (collaboration with Kenneth Boe Petersen and Kent Williams) – 2004, Newman University, Wichita KS
  • Art101 – 2004, CityArts, Wichita KS
Pushing All the Wrong Buttons – 2003, CityArts, Wichita KS

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