Hawkeye 10 Art Fair & Workshop

On April 26, 2023, I presented two workshops on kinetic art during the Hawkeye 10 Art Fair at Atlantic High School, Atlantic, Iowa. This is the device I demonstrated: dual oscillations for paint manipulation, plus a further variable with the turntable.


Never occurred to me; (some kids) cannot read cursive. As someone intensively involved in things visual and in the physical world, “Gen Z Never Learned to Read Cursive” by Drew Gilpin touched a nerve.   

Tarpaulin Series.

I try to let artwork speak for itself. But…with everything happening in politics, environment, pandemics, civility, etc. etc. occasionally I need to admit that yes, this grouping is informed by more than mark-making and machine-building. More details on the full Tarpaulin Series later, but in a nutshell they are free hanging canvases with grommets. This …

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Still haven’t learned the proper Iowa term for harvesting corn and soybeans. Back in Kansas it was “cutting wheat” and in any case I still miss those days on the combine. Photo shot from our front door. Love the view and the slightly crisp almost-fall air.

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