I’m back

South Exposure 2021

Some of you know that back in January 2014 Lajean and I bought a school building. That began two years of temporary residences in both Arcadia, IA and Wichita, KS, which meant “working on the school” until we finally had to drive back to Kansas to literally warm up.

We became full-time residents in 2016, but the work continued. And “working on the school” continues to this day. We learned that in addition to doing updates like actual running water and actual furnaces, it takes a ton of time just for regular upkeep like mowing two acres of lawn or sweeping 15,000 square feet of floors (hint: they don’t get swept often enough.)

Of course, art was a casualty. On the plus side, I did keep making things with my hands, and some art was made, rather sporadically. But finally I can say I’m back in the business. The building upkeep still has to happen, but art is rising to the upper reaches of the triage list.

Today I roughed together the website, again. I hope you’ll stay tuned to see what becomes of all of this.

South exposure, 2015-ish.
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